Sabtu, 31 Januari 2015

Beginner Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking for Beginners

You may come across with various definitions of what a scrapbook is. And you may even have set one for yourself. But you see, of all those meanings associated with scrapbooks, there will always be one thing central to it- keeping memories.

Just like photos, scrapbooks are keepers of precious moments that you would always want to return back to. The moments that you have captured in photos and the moments of your creativity, deeply embedded in every page, note, captions and journals in your scrapbook.

One day, you'll take a look at the scrapbooks you have created and they will deliver you back in time.

Not all of us are avid scrapbookers. Many may not even have tried starting one. However, we all have an idea of how to preserve our past. Well, scrapbooking is like that, only you would have to add up some creativity and art concepts into it. 

The hardest junction might be to start from scratch. Scrapbooking may look simple for some yet the hours and the ideas you have to invest on them are so enormous that many find themselves initially frustrated. Or possibly, on wits end before an idea crops up.

We have prepared some guidelines in here that you may modify and apply in your own experiences. Basically, this is just a collection of ideas that will help shed light on the thoughts bugging in your mind.

Somehow you have to know your own style.

Shine up with your personality. After all, it will show in your craft. If you are not as sure with what truly is your preference when making the design or the layout of your scrapbook, it is best that you analyze your self first. Know your personal tastes and refrain from following the hypes and fads as presented in the scrapbooking industry. This way, you will more likely to produced original and personal ideas that will work best in your own ways.

Sometimes, we have to find outlets for our personalities to show. Some people do writing stuffs, some delve into less serious practices. Scrapbooking though may fill the gaps between the two.

If it is really that difficult to produce an original idea, you can forgive yourself by mimicking other scrapper's works. 

Many find great uses in other people' s designs. Sometimes, they even bring out the best from adopting a concept into their own. This technique is called scraplifting.

Other people choose not to follow this concept. However for beginners it is always easier to follow those that worked for many. Somehow, along the way they will find their own methods of doing things.

As a beginner, it won't harm if you check some great works. Then modify these using your own materials, photos and touches. And once a good inspiration breaks out, the scrapbooker may find herself immersed in the confidence of doing things in her own way.

Create your own mood board.

Mood boards are commonly used in the fashion industry as testing grounds for new ideas. These are like boards wherein cutouts, drafts of designs and fabric swatches are portrayed to provide initial impressions of the new trend. In fact, anything that will help the viewer's see the direction and concepts of the designers are placed on the mood board.

By making use of mood boards, a scrapper may easily find her style. Placing concepts into more tangible mediums will construct foundations for your layouts and intentions.

Don't be too critical in this process. While flipping through magazines, you need not know why a picture or an image attracts you. If it produces positive reaction then go and tear it out. This is one good test to determine your style.

Second, you would want to check on color combinations. For some of us, we have already set definite grounds on what our favorite color is what we may most likely not use. Using a single group of shades is good if you can manipulate and mix them into varying combinations. 

However, most people find it hard to detract themselves from a single concept. It won't be bad if you will experiment on some other hues. When inspiration turns bad and there seem to be no color available for you, look at the butterflies for inspiration.